Boost Your Business With These Printing Ideas

One of the main problems in advertising is the cost. Advertising your business is indeed expensive, especially when you are simply operating a smaller enterprise. Fortunately, there are cost-effective marketing paraphernalia that you can produce and use to make your business known to your potential customers. Printed marketing materials are one of them. Here are some of the cost-effective printed materials you can purchase to propel your business forward:

  • Roll-up banner stands – this is best for off-site advertising, trade shows, and even just rolling them up in front of your store or business office to show your products and services.
  • Folded leaflets – unlike flyers, folded leaflets holds a little surprise under its folds. This is best for direct handouts or mail.
  • Custom stickers – custom stickers are best for drive-thru customers or customers on wheels, or any sticker collectors and enthusiasts while advertising your business at the same time
  • Booklets – this is best for grocery stores where you can feature a lot of products like a small store guide. You can have as little as 10 pages or as many as 100 pages featuring your products and services
  • Postcards – they are best for direct mail promotions, add-ons and inserts to magazines and leaflets, as well as a pick-up print for your tables and counters, or directly hand them out on streets and store facades.
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