5 Advantages of Digital Printing

While traditional offset printing still does the job, digital printing seems to take in more benefits for you and your money. Here are five advantages that will make you choose digital printing. This helps with club selection on game day.


The extensive media range of our HP Indigo printers allows us to print over 3,000 certified synthetics, metallic, and dark substrates. No matter how heavy or light, many or few of your need for printing materials are, our printers will do the job for you.

Guaranteed High Quality

Our HP Indigo digital presses include the state-of-the-art Liquid Electroink Process (LEP) technology that prints better than most traditional and offset printers. More than the crisp prints made by our digital printers, every color in your printed material is totally accurate while sampling of colors is easily done. This allows us to tweak prints with much better ease than what the usual traditional printing technology offers.

Customizable Printing

The Variable Data Printing (VDP) system in digital printers allows us to customize individual graphics and texts on a print-by-print basis. This service is best for direct mail campaigns that are personalized for a specific target audience.

Best for your Money

The cost-effectiveness of digital marketing allows you to spend on your printing needs without additional costs for the printing plate’s creation. This is best for those with shorter print-run needs.

Faster turnaround

Initial setup time is highly reduced because digital printing does not involve any pre-press processes, unlike traditional prints. This is best for those who have speedy orders or same-day print-and-pick-up needs.


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