Mops and Brooms Transformed into Battlemops and Warbrooms by 3D Printers

Battlemops and Warbrooms by 3D Printers

A lot of people nowadays Go to and becoming more innovative and more creative regardless of what their passions are. The invention of 3D printers has been a great help for 3D designers and artists to see their dreams come into fruition. 3D printers gave ample opportunities to these people because of its excellent output and inexpensive production cost while some print just for fun but still creating projects that can leave their audience in awe.

This is a case wherein a project that targets ordinary mops and brooms to making them into warbrooms and battlemops. Until recently, these curious designers made five of these brooms and mops. And four out of five of these are made by Antonio Perez Morata.

Steel Warhammer-Skyrim

This weapon designed by Morata is inspired by the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  The Steel Warhammer is a weapon that must be yielded by the player by using two hands. Making this from regular mops and brooms takes about 19-30 printing and using 350 g of the filament. It can be made without the need of any glue since it uses a feature called a special slot system which keeps the pieces together. Warhammers are only one of the types of weapons that you can choose from the game.

Sauron’s Mace

This weapon that was also designed by Morata is first seen in the infamous movie Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, when it was showed at the battle of Dagorlad by the time Sauron climbed his way up to the ranks of human and elves. This weapon can also be assembled same as the aforementioned hammer above by the tight-fitting slot system method.  28-33 hours is needed to complete the printing of Sauron’s Mace and will surely be loved by Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, fans and collectors.

Zasalamel’s Scythe

If you are into fighting games, you surely are familiar with this weapon. Zasalamel’s scythe is from the famous game of Soul Calibur.  Zasalamel was first introduced during the 4th installment of the said game. This scythe has a dimension of 1040×697 mm and requires a huge amount of time of 150 hours to finish printing. To make this weapon, it also requires a large amount of filament that weighs 1, 638 g. Morata also designed this warbroom.

Black Legion Battle Axe

This battle-axe originally designed and printed by Morata is a weapon that resembles a spear with two sharp blades surrounding it.  It consumes approximately 411 g of the filament and requires just below 35 hours of printing.

Gimli’s Battle Axe

This battlemop is not designed by Morata but by the creative designer Oleg Khmamyi. This weapon was also inspired from the movie Lord of the Rings and was used by the character named Gimli. It requires 60 hours of printing while using 860 g of filaments. Oleg suggested using a 10% infill with 0.2 mm layer in height when printing.

The production of these creative things can ignite a spark among various curious and talented designers out there. Surely, we can see a lot of battlemops and warbrooms by the help of 3D printers together with their innovative designers.

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