How to Reupholster a Leather Recliner?

Leather Recliner

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to rest unbothered while seated in the most relaxed position in a recliner after finishing huge files of paper works during business days. As per the, recliners also have their own time frame. There are instances that our favorite leather recliner becomes worn or torn out.

When purchasing pieces of furniture, one must check the quality especially the durability to avoid several repairs. Maintaining good conditions of furniture will sometimes cost a lot of money.

Here are some tips, considerations, and ways to reupholster your favorite leather recliner.

  • Before proceeding with the reupholstering, assess if the cost of repair is just the same as buying a new one. If the cost of repair is less then it’s good but if the difference is very little, it is advisable to buy a new one.
  • Make a canvass. The average cost of repair ranges from 300 to 500 dollars for the labor of the upholsterer. Compare the prices of the materials to be used. See to it that the quality of materials will overcome the cost. You can also look for upholsterers referred by your friends or relatives.
  • Whether you are planning to do a self-upholster or to go to a professional upholsterer, you will be buying a fabric. Choose a very durable upholstery fabric. Since you are the one using the recliner, maybe you already have the idea of the amount of wear that the chair receives.
  • You can also have a modification in your reupholstered recliner by means of the fabric that you will use. You can choose from those that have solid colors or those with vivid prints and patterns. Professional upholsterers can put other features like skirting, nailhead trim, tufting or asymmetrical cushions. This will require an extra charge.
  • The typical repair on leather recliners simply requires the replacement of padding and leather. If the framework and mechanism do not need repair, you can do a self-upholster. Carefully take off the worn-out leather from the recliner frame. When removing the old leather, you can draw diagrams for you to be guided by inputting your new leather or fabric. After putting the padding, securely attach the new leather to the frame. You may staple the leather to new places in the frame to prevent it from pulling out easily.
  • If you are not up for self-upholstering, you may hire highly skilled upholsterer to do the repair for you. Before signing the contract, have the estimate of upholstery to avoid unexpected expenses. You may seek recommendations from your friends or colleagues about nearby shops or qualified professional upholsterer.
  • Reupholstering of recliners will take time especially if the shop already had other tasks to be done. Include the estimated time for the upholsterer to finish the task before signing the contract.

May these friendly tips help in the decision making to be done in considering reupholstering of your valued leather recliners. You may now test your technical and creative skills as you reupholster your recliner.

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