Make the Best Use of Your Newsroom’s Instagram Through These Tips

Newsroom’s Instagram

It cannot be denied that Instagram is developing swifter than how it was before. Who knows how upgraded it would become in the following years ahead? This application has a lot of users, including media reporters. You can click to know more about it. However, should journalists use this application in publishing, given the fact that we cannot share links to our posts? We’ll see as you read ahead of this article.

First of all, you should decide the primary function of your IG account.

  • Will it be used to share how media reporters work off-camera?
  • Will it be used to publish compelling stories that will captivate the attention of people?

You decide. However, it would help if you were constant when it comes to posting to keep your followers. Just avoid publishing posts that make it look like a personal account to avoid confusion for your followers. Here are the tips on how to effectively use your newsroom’s IG account:

Share Internet Links in a Correct Method

It has been mentioned above that you cannot share links in your published posts, but here are the techniques on how to do it. There are different websites to help you share a lot of Internet links such as:

  • Link in Profile
  • Linktree
  • Metricool
  • BIO

Another technique for doing so is through your IG Stories, which enables the audiences to swipe up on your uploaded photo or video to proceed to the link.

Ensure That Your Published Posts Represent Your Brand

If your newsroom is known to be reporters of serious news updates, you might as well as avoid posting adorable cats or funny memes on your newsroom IG account. It opposes the image of your brand, thus giving confusion to your audiences. Those users who are captivated in the stories or photos you post will seek you, and that’s because of your identity.

However, if you wish to post different segments or genres of news, you may also create multiple Instagram accounts with their assigned types of news such as:

  • Sports
  • Animals
  • Funny Life and Social Situations
  • Traffic Situations
  • Calamities and Disasters
  • Politics

Make Use of Instagram Story Feature

IG Stories allow you to upload photos and videos that users may browse into, which can only be viewable within one day or twenty-four hours before it gets removed in the Stories. However, if it is such an important story, you can save it to the IG account’s Highlights so that the users who were not able to see it within the 24-hour timeframe would still be able to see it whenever they feel doing it.

Still, the stories that you will upload must not divert its meaning to your content to avoid confusion to your users. The photos or video clips that you will upload to Stories must still be about the news updates of your brand.

Establish Your Personality

Do it by choosing two primary colors for your IG profile that also relates to the brand’s color or tone. Some candy companies mostly use pink and yellow to the photos they post in their feeds and even shades that complement the colors.

This idea adds up to the attractiveness of the profile, thus engaging more users to check the IG account and gain more followers.

Be Creative

As long as it won’t ruin the IG account, you may experiment by directly interacting with your audience. Some accounts post questions about a specific issue, and the audience may participate by posting a video or their response with a hashtag in their post. The best answers would be published in the IG Stories of the account to show what the chosen answers were.

Now, you know how to use your newsroom’s IG account effectively. Just follow these tips, and you will surely gain more audience to read your exciting stories!

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