What’s New in Clash Royale? 2019 Enders and 2020 Starters

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the biggest online real-time strategy games with millions of players worldwide. As mentioned by https://clash.world/guides/clash-royale-tier-list/Since its global release on March 2, 2016, it’s been making its mark in the mobile gaming community with seven nominations and seven awards under its belt.

Just last January 2020, Clash Royale won the Best Mobile Sport award during the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards held in Piccadilly, London.

The success of Clash Royale is due to its constant updates. It constantly introduces new features, cards, and game modes that’s been keeping Clashers hooked for four years now.

It’s only been a little over three months since 2020 started and Clash Royale updates are already pouring in. Let’s check them out below. We’ll start with the latest and work our way backward.

2020 Starters

April updates

One update for season 10 is the kind-of-new troop card called Heal Spirit which replaced the Heal Spell. It still costs one elixir and has a big and powerful area of effect for your troops, but it has to jump onto enemies first.

The exciting thing is it comes with the Forest Gang Hideout, a new arena that will give us a little more story on the forest gang’s home. There are four of them in this gang: Bandit, Rascals, Firecracker, and Magic Archer.

In this season, Magic Archer’s targeting range was made shorter, Skeleton barrel’s speed was buffed up, and Goblin Hut now has more death spawns.

New Cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale also introduced new cards this year:

Heal Spirit- released on April 6, 2020

As mentioned, this mischievous Spirit replaced the Heal Spell troop card. It runs and jumps onto enemies, deals with damage, and has a powerful healing effect which now comes out much faster.

It’s a one-elixir common card that can be found in and above Hog Mountain.

Royal Delivery- released on March 2, 2020

When used, the package is dropped from the sky. Once empty, the box can be used for espionage.

It’s a common spell worth three elixirs and can be found in and above Spooky Town. Its damage can hit air troops and ground troops, and it’s limited to your side of the arena.

Firecracker- released on January 7, 2020

This archer is done with her bows and arrows. She’s now into things that blow up.

Firecracker is a common card worth three elixirs and can be found in and above Hog Mountain. She shoots long-range missiles and has the same hitpoints as the Archer. She’s vincible to arrows but can survive Log.

2019 Enders

Now that we’ve covered the 2020 updates, let’s go back further to the last few updates released during the last quarter of 2019:

Battle Healer- released on December 2, 2019.

She heals herself when not in attack and heals friendly troops nearby when dealing damage.

Battle Healer is a rare troop card worth four elixirs. She has the same hitpoints as Knight.

Elixir Golem- released on November 4, 2019

An Elixir Golem splits into two Blobs when defeated and two Golemites when destroyed.

It is a rare card worth three elixirs with very high hitpoints (thanks to the blobs and golemites). You can combine it with Clone spell to make it a powerful pusher.

There you have it! We know it won’t be long until more Clash Royale updates are released so we’ll keep this page up-to-date. Stay active, Clashers!

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