Newspaper Tapestries Decor

Newspaper Tapestries

Are you looking for something new to do with your time? Perhaps a new hobby or a small business like Tapestry Shopping on the side that will still leave you with plenty of time to spend with your family?

If so, then you want to consider doing newspaper wall tapestry shopping and resell the tapestries you purchased. Alternatively, you can create tapestries from newspapers and give your artistic talent a whirl!

What are Newspaper Tapestries?

A tapestry is classified in the arts as textile arts. They’re basically art that is made using synthetic fibers, plants, or animals.

Newspaper tapestries are made from recycled newspapers that are dyed and spun very finely to create breathtaking tapestry mediums.

Why Is It a Good Hobby?

Newspaper tapestry is an environmentally friendly hobby. This is because you will be putting all your old, accumulated newspapers into good use.

Creating tapestries from newspapers increases your awareness of the world around you. You will find yourself seeing great inspiration from physical things and scenes.

The world can be a busy place, especially if you are living in the city. It is too easy to forget where things really come from and the importance of taking care of the environment.

The art of newspaper tapestries reminds you of the simple things. Besides, it’s a family project that can help bring your family closer together and in tune with nature and the beauty of art.

Will It Fit My Décor?

Yes, newspaper tapestries can be made to fit with any décor. There are different styles of newspaper tapestries. You can check out your local art store and have fun tapestry shopping for different styles and tastes.

This form of art is also rather unique. The word will spread like wildfire about your new art, and before you know it, your community will be buzzing about your unique tapestry collection.

The art is eye-catching, and because it is not yet popular in all places, it gathers a lot of curiosity and awe!

Learn About Altered Yarns: A Community

Altered Yarns is a community made up of work. This community reflects the interdependence of artists on each other, the uniqueness of each story and life, and the grueling but satisfying process that transforms old newspapers (that were previously considered garbage) into beautiful, lush, story-telling mediums.

The work showcased here truly reflects how we think and perceive the world around us. It shows the things that are most important to us, how we view ourselves, and the components of our humanity.


It is quite eye-opening how we are unconsciously deeply affected by the surrounding events: people’s successes and grief, the events that take place in our lives, as well as the occult emotions that we refuse or ignore. All these things form the basic, background fabric of our lives and response to the world daily. They are the backbone that makes us unique.

Tapestry is an old medium for telling stories. The only difference is that with newspaper tapestries, the threads are originally made from handspun newspapers. It is creating new stories from actual old stories in a beautifully unique way that is also good for the environment.

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