Ways to an Effective Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising on qaultiy digital advertising display plays a significant role in growing your business. It can give you leads and exposures, but its effectiveness would not be as overwhelming as the response rate of digital advertising screens.

However, it does not mean that these results are absolute as there are many ways to have effective advertising. Read further to know them.

Choose your local newspaper wisely

Many companies utilize the regional or national newspaper to advertise their brand. However, this approach is pretty much expensive. Local newspapers, however, are less expensive and provide you more focused advertising. If your brand can be found in the community, then it may be helpful to utilize your local newspapers that your potential customers will likely read.

Pay attention to where your competitors advertise their brand

There’s a big possibility that your competitors will spend money to advertise their brand in newspapers, too. Keep in mind that this approach will also affect negatively your brand.

As such, it is best to not advertise your business in the same newspaper your competitors would advertise. If you do so, your customers’ attention would be divided, and have a hard time choosing which brand is the best.

Choose an appropriate section to advertise your brand

Readers only read the part of the newspapers where they find it interesting. Since most readers read the editorial, you may want to consider placing your ad in that section. However, it is recommended that you place your ad in the section related to the product or services you offer. For instance, if your business is about clothing, then it would be best to place it in the lifestyle section.

Don’t avail of the free ad design

Most newspapers will offer you a free ad design for your business. Don’t accept the offer and hire freelancers or artists to make your ad design instead. This may be costly but keep in mind that free ad design would not be appealing. Always remember that design can also affect your business one way or another.

Consider the size for the cost

You can avail newspaper advertising by inch. The price depends on the space your brand will occupy on the paper. For instance, a small ad placed on the editorial page will be much more expensive than a service directory advertisement.

Interestingly, newspapers offer discounts for advertisers who negotiate contracts with them. Of course, the cost is depending on the length of space you will commit in the contract. Rest assured though that this would be less costly than non-contract advertising.


Contrary to other people’s belief, newspaper advertising has never died. The hype and rumors that say the newspaper is dead are not correct as it sounds. In fact, the newspaper industry has gained momentum with 83% of the world’s population still reading newspapers.

For many businessmen, the demographic that says a quite large print ad reader is quite worthy of an investment ad.

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