Newspaper Hanging on the Walls


Newspapers are among the most valued historical items in the world. They are fundamental in preserving essential memories in the world, For example,, sporting activities, space exploration, and even presidential victories in the political arena in different countries. All people enjoy them; hence it’s essential to preserve them on a wall to keep the memories alive.

In the modern-day, many people have opted to decoupage. In this process, newspapers are cut into different patterns, glued to a surface, and decorated into a stylish finish. It is also used in painting home interiors where the newspapers can give a room a unique elegance.

Below are some of the processes of hanging newspapers onto the wall:

Conducting a glue test

It’s essential to carry out the test to ensure that the newspaper can withstand layers of Mod Podge and that ink spreads when it mixes with the glue. The reason is that some newspapers may be old can be torn, and the ink may stick on hands when hanging them on walls.

Spreading a drop cloth

Before hanging the newspapers, it’s essential to spread a drop cloth or a plastic film on the wall to ensure that an area only for the newspaper is available. This process prevents last-minute preparations when hanging newspapers.

Have a plan for hanging newspapers

One should first begin by measuring the length of the wall. The next step is estimating the paper sheets, and the pages should be visually attractive to the eye before they are pinned on the wall. The glue can be applied on the wall, and newspapers plastered all over the wall.

Cleaning the wall

The wall should be washed with plenty of soap and water before the newspapers are hanged to remove dirt, grease, and old glue. The wall should then be left to dry thoroughly before newspapers are hanged.

Rolling Mod Podge

It should be rolled onto the wall, and the area should be more significant than the newsprint itself. The glue should be applied beyond the necessary dimensions.


If the newspaper is laminated, the hands and a wallpaper brush can be used to press the newspaper onto the wall. A tissue paper can also be used to keep the ink container, and then it can be pushed onto the wall.

Glue application

Glue is applied to a newspaper and placed on the wall. A brayer can be used to roll a previous section and secure it to fix a newspaper. The process can be repeated many times until the wall becomes likable to one’s taste.


After the newspapers are hanged onto the walls, it necessary to straighten the newspaper sections which may be shifting regularly. It’s then left to dry so that it can completely stick.


Newspapers are used as the best painting home interiors to give a house or a section on the wall a unique style that is attractive to everyone. Not only should newspapers be valued, but they should also be preserved since they are among the best historical items today.

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