A recent study has found that the majority of Britain’s elderly residents are living on nothing more than Werther’s Originals.

In 1997, a light-hearted TV advertisement appeared on our screens, whereby a smiling elderly gentleman is seen offering his grandson a Wether’s Original. Although assumed to be just a fallacy, the affiliation between old people and the caramel-flavoured candy seems to be substantially more deep-set than first thought. Harrowing new research at the University of Bedfordshire has revealed that as many as 90% of elderly folk surveyed were surviving on just a handful of toffees a day.

Although surprising, the findings may shed some light on a plethora of other attributes associated with the aged. Dr Julia Polenka, who is leading the study, explained that traits such as bad teeth, bad breath, fat ankles and malnutrition could all be linked to the meagre diet. Interestingly, most of those who were not reliant upon the sickly sweets were from Scotland, whose diets were based around high-cholesterol foods like lard and deep-fried objects.

The union for old people, Help the Aged, have been quick to pass the blame onto the government, insisting that ‘with spiraling energy bills and pension cuts, the UK’s elderly residents are struggling to afford very little beyond the bare necessities, such as toffees and bingo’.