Following an extensive survey conducted by students at Exeter University, it has been revealed that 99% of Tinder Plus users are also on the Sex Offenders Register.

This shocking revelation has been met with some trepidation from the public. We asked Chloe, a 20-year-old student in Manchester, what her thoughts on this were:

‘I’m absolutely shocked by this, who’d have thought that an online dating app would attract a bunch of weirdo’s. I thought that all of the random dick pics I was getting were from respectable members of society, now I just feel dirty.‘

We approached a Tinder spokesman for a comment, who claimed that Tinder had no prior knowledge that their database was filled with sex offenders:

‘Tinder users are generally incredibly well behaved and this reflected by our high levels of customer satisfaction, no innuendo intended. Our ‘Plus’ service is designed to help lonely individuals find love by allowing them to swipe right all hours of the day. It is absolutely shocking to discover that our premium service is a hotbed for nonces and fuckboys.’