These days, many women think that no means no, and may respond to your continued advances by actively fleeing from you.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you still can’t talk to them.

Of course, not all women are open to being harassed and stalked this way because not all women are single, but you can guarantee that those who are single are definitely up for it and are certainly asking to be treated this way.

Her running away from you certainly doesn’t mean that she’s not interested in you. Sometimes, it’s simply a case of catching up to her and if necessary, restraining her.


What to do when you’ve caught up with her


  1. Use one arm to grab her shoulder and turn her round. This is necessary to ensure that you both make that all important eye contact with is essential when you want to create a spark.
  2. Have a predatory, creepy smile.
  3. If you haven’t already, grip her firmly by her arms to make sure that she can’t escape, while also making sure she can’t knee you in the balls. When you’re certain she can’t escape, say “Hey, how’s it going?”
  4. When she looks at you in blind terror, smile, glance at her cleavage, and give an approving nod.
  5. When she asks you to let her go, you might want to defuse the awkwardness by acknowledging the attack, such as:


You: [Smile in aforementioned predatory and creepy manner] Hey, I know you think it’s not acceptable for people to do this to you, but when I saw you rejecting my initial advances, I thought you wereway too hot to let escape. I’m Dan, what’s your name?

Woman: Please let me go!

You: [Add some humour in there to stop her crying and create a spark between you] Cool..Nice to meet you Please Let Me Go! I normally don’t pursue women against their will like this, but you smell pretty, just like my dead grandmother. She lives with me now.

Woman: [Still most likely trying to escape]

You: [If you’re in a shopping center or high street, make sure she knows that you’re a very filthy pervert and have more planned than just standing here and restraining her] I was on my to train station, I like to get onboard very busy trains and rub myself up against the pretty ladies. How about you?

If it’s clear that no one is coming to help the woman and she can’t access her smartphone, you’re pretty much in the clear to do whatever you want with her.

Common mistakes guys make when sexually harassing a woman:

Approaching in a nervous manner:

Don’t fool yourself, women only want to be harassed by confident men. If you look remotely remorseful and hesitant about what you’re doing, you’re clearly taking her wants and desires into consideration and you’re certain to lose her.

Letting her go: This is a very common mistake. If you don’t hold tightly enough she may escape. If this happens, not only will neither of you get laid, she’ll be so upset that you failed that she might even call the police!

Not leading the conversation: It’s a common misconception that women are capable of thinking for themselves. They aren’t. If she could, why would she run away from you in the first place? Make sure you decide on the topic of conversation, it can be about anything. Your favourite fetish models, your naked Barbie collection, the Conservative Party… The more perverse, the better!

Kidnapping the woman
As you know, most women respond negatively when you ask them to come home with you, so it may be necessary to take them against their will. Some useful items to have on your person in this situation include a bottle of chloroform, some duct tape, some rope, and the keys to a Transit van. Remember, you’re the man, she wants you to be in charge. Just because she tells you otherwise, it’s far more important that you get what you want.