Real Bag Lady from North London, Elsie Myers, has confirmed that renowned costume designer Jenny Beavan had styled herself to resemble her at the BAFTAs.

Stephen Fry reportedly quit Twitter after sanctimonious users hounded the comedian for daring to make a joke about Beavan’s choice of clothing, despite the two being “dear friends”.

Beavan spoke to media on Tuesday morning to confirm she was not offended by Fry’s joke, claiming that it’s the type of thing the two joke about all the time.

She said: “I took inspiration from a lady I see on the corner near Highbury station every morning. She has a beautifully worn leather jacket and ratty old scarf that I just find absolutely charming.”

Friend of Beavan’s and renowned Bag Lady Ms Myers was reached for comment after a day of following a trail of old Pepsi bottles and newspaper clippings to find her. She told press: “I thought she pulled off the look incredibly well. The hair was a nice touch. Just the right combination of frizz and oil, it was very authentic looking. Would you like to see my collection of dried chewing gum?”

With Zoolander 2 released two days before the BAFTAs took place, it’s thought that the designer’s choice of outfit could have been a nod to the original movie in which models show off “Derelicte”, a style modelled on homelessness that Kanye West then translated to real life with his clothes collection.