Following an erratic electoral campaign and shock victory, Donald Trump has been named as the 45th president of the United States.

After the results were announced in the early hours of this morning, wearing a cape and sporting a pimp stick, the Republican candidate took to the streets of New York to address his new slaves. In a nazi style salute, the American people have bowed down and hailed Trump as their new leader.

Addressing his minions directly, The Donald confirmed that any US citizens seen to not be supporting his reign will be banished to Mexico.

Extending their right arm in the air, followers have submitted to the new Trump regime. World leaders, including President Obama and Hilary Clinton have also relinquished all free will and conceded to the reality TV star by kneeling down and chanting “Heil Donald” at the property mogul.

The results however have had a positive effect on rapper Kanye West, who has been given an even bigger ego boost:

“Yo, like if this dude can get in, ya hear what i’m sayin’, Im gonna run this shit in four years, ya hear?”