Following an atypical unrest in the otherwise tranquil baking community last year, after a Muslim woman – in a hijab and everything – won BBC One flagship show “Great British Bake Off” instead of committing martyrdom on a tube train, controversy has once again met the series finale after Candice BROWN took home the sponge crown.

Luton resident, and definite Allah sympathiser Nadiya Hussain triumphed in the 2015 series of GBBO after showcasing a wide array of skills, including putting things into an oven and sometimes using a blender. She wowed 189 year old Mary “Hope-I-Make-It-Through-December” Berry and professional scowler Paul Hollywood with her range of halal desserts, including Death-to-Infidel-Danish Pastries.

And now, nobody’s favourite right-wing shitrag, the Daily Mail, has already voiced its disgust at Miss Brown winning the competition and pushing the show further from its cosy, cuddly middle-England roots and into the murky realms of multiculturalism.

The Mail had tipped mumsy Jane, part-time lookalike for Jay Cartwright of The Inbetweeners, to win the competition and restore GBBO back its bastion of white, English righteousness.

But lipstick enthusiast Candice Brown romped home to victory and sent the readership of The Mail scrabbling for their speed dials to Ofcom.

“They may as well remove the ‘British’ part of the title altogether”, said angry xenophobe #13. “If nobody pure and white is going to win a BRITISH competition then we might as well be living in Saudi Arabia. Sieg Heil”.