Computer giant Apple has always tried balance technological progress with fashion and popular trends. In it’s latest move Apple is trying to tap into the ‘hipster’ trend by marketing it’s latest laptop as ‘Artisan’.

Apple spokesperson Andranik Teymourian launched the new laptop, known as the ‘MacBook Yah’ today at the international computing convention VirginityCon earlier today.

Mr Teymourian explained:

“Artisan is everywhere. People are buying artisan food, beer, shoes, everything. People will pay a premium if they know the product has been made with love by hand.” 

We based the design for the MacBook Yah on our old PowerBook 100 series, first released in 1991. The 90s are really big right now in fashion and in music, so why not in technology? We want our hip artisan MacBook to have a retro, rustic vibe.”

Despite having a much lower processor speed, memory, hard drive space and graphics capability than it’s regular counterpart the artisan computer is almost twice the price launching at a whopping 4995.95USD (£3470).

Now available to pre-order on Apples website the product is described as being:

“Lovingly hand crafted by our artists in China, and using only the finest locally sourced materials the new MacBook Yah is the perfect companion for the fashion conscious and ethically minded young go-getter.

Whether you are sat in a non-chain coffee shop typing up a screenplay, posting a blog about honey, editing photos for a social-media marketing company* or just surfing the web** the MacBook Yah is the perfect computer for you.

*Photo editing software not installed, not compatible with Photoshop™
**External modem required “