New laws are being brought into the UK to force drug dealers to print health warnings on packets of cocaine. Sellers of the Class A drug will face additional sentencing if they are caught selling the substance without health warnings on the pack.

Junior Health Minister, Jane Ellison, outlined the new plans in a press conference today stating:

“Not enough people are aware of health risks associated with cocaine. We need to educate the nation so citizens can make an informed choice. The only way to do that is by putting the risks right there on the packet. When drug dealers are arrested they will be given further charges, and thus longer sentences, if they are selling cocaine without health warnings. It is in the drug dealers best interest to keep customers informed.”

The proposed warnings will include:

Cocaine can cause death by overdose

Cocaine raises blood pressure and can cause heart problems

Using cocaine while pregnant can affect the baby

The Department for Health has also been toying with the idea of putting health warnings on packets of Cannabis, though slogans such as…

Cannabis causes the munchies

No-one ever died from smoking Cannabis

Cannabis can help fight cancer

…were all rejected.