Last night the BBC is hosting its annual heartstring-tug-athon/C-List celebrity bingo/5 hour extended version of the One Show, charity fundraiser.

This year however the BBC has decided to right a few wrongs by pledging that all the money raised will go to directly to victims of former BBC employees.

The show was presented by BBC Sports’ Stuart Hall, Animal Hospital’s and Rolf’s Cartoon Club’s Rolf Harris, weatherman Fred Talbot, BBC Schools Peter Rowell Jared ‘the Subway guy’ Fogle and Radio One’s DJ Chris Denning. The show will also contain comedy sketches performed by The Thick of It’s Chris Langham and American superstar Bill Cosby.

A charity single will also be release by super-group ‘Yewtree United’ covering Whitney Huston’s “I believe Children are the future”. The group will consist of Ian Watkins (LostProphets), Jonathan King (The Piglets), Mike Lombardo (Youtuber), Pete Townsend (The Who), and of course the ‘My gang’ hitmaker himself, Gary Glitter.