The school tuck shop may seem like an English staple, but this childhood favourite is in decline mostly due to the healthy eating fad (thanks a lot Jamie Oliver).

One school, however, has kept this tradition going. Highfield Academy in Ecclesby, Cheshire still has the classic tuck shop, as the schools website proudly claims:

“We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit within our academy with our hugely popular sweet and treat stall. This stall is owned, run and staffed buy our students.”

Unfortunately the days of the Great British tuck shop may be numbered, as Highfield parents received a letter from assistant principle Joseline Lee:

“Highfield Academy is very proud of it’s student run Sweet and Treat stall. However we regret to inform students and parents/guardians that certain products will no longer be available for sale effectively immediately.

As we strive to be an ever more inclusive and diverse school we can no longer sell ‘Black Jacks’ on school premises for fears they may cause racial offence. We will no longer permit the sale of ‘Fruit Salads’ as they may cause homophobic bullying. ‘Love Hearts’ will also no longer be available as some messages on the sweets may be seen as sexual harassment.

We would encourage students to purchase treats that are supportive of the LGBTQ community, such as ‘Rainbow Drops’ or Gender neutral snacks such as Space Raiders. We also promote the sale of Foxes Glacier Mints as they highlight the dangers of climate change.”

The letter has sparked blacklash from parents with Denise ProudMummy Shackleton posting on her Facebook:

“Highfield have gone too far. How else are Keanu and Mariah supposed to get their much needed E-numbers and sugar now???!!”

Is this the end of the Tuck Shop? Has the school taken the biscuit or have they bitten off more than they can chew? Let us know your views.