A number of black men have been spotted fleeing from a stadium in Rio after a gunshot was heard, arising suspicions over a race issue at the Olympics.

Early reports suggest only a single shot was heard, but was enough to force nearby athletes to scatter – some as quickly as 100 metres in 9 and a half seconds.

To compound the matter, eyewitnesses suggest the gun was fired by a white male official, which will do nothing to settle fears over a race problem in Brazil.

It is unknown whether the aggressor was firing his weapon AT the scattered athletes or anybody else, but the climate around recent United States police officers killing black citizens has fueled the fire over a significant race war in prospect.

One bystander took the time to talk to us:

“It all came out of nowhere. There was a group of black males just standing around. They weren’t up to no good and they weren’t harrassing anybody. Then all of a sudden a shot was fired by a nearby official. It was quite startling”.

Nuisance group Black Lives Matter – known better as #BlackLivesMatter – have already expressed their fury over the incident, while the official in question is insistent that the athletes in question “fired first”.