Uproar has begun in the small town of Finchurch, Devon as a troupe of majority black Morris Dancers are hoping to enter the annual Morris dancing festival.

Local residents are accusing the group of ‘cultural appropriation’ as the vast majority are either Nigerian migrants, or children of Nigerian migrants. Morris dancing is seen as a quintessentially British pastime, with a long and firm tradition in England that many are not happy that non-Brits wish to take part.

Rev. Daniel Akpeyi, pastor of the Devon Pentecostal Movement Church told BFNN:

“Finchurch has a growing and thriving Nigerian and Afro/Caribbean movement, why wouldn’t we want to be part of our local festivities. Maybe we can even teach whitey a thing or two about dancing!”

However Rev. Akpeyi’s views are not echoed by regular patrons of the Morris Dancing festival. Festival chairman Clr Terry Jons spoke to BFNN saying:

It is our right as good, honest, hardworking true British patriots that we can dress up in rags and bells, wave ribbons about, dance around like 6 year olds and cover our faces in black paint. This is our culture, this is our heritage, this is who we are. Those Nigerians, coming over here, stealing our dance moves, it’s nothing more than theft. If Justine Bieber can’t have dreadlocks black people can’t Morris Dance. This is Cultural Appropriation at it’s worst. Perhaps they would feel more at home doing some hip-hop moves, or a Jamaican dancehall bootyshake? When we get given a float at the Notting Hill festival, then we will let them Morris Dance.”

The Finchurch Morris Dancing festival will take place on 2nd on William Wilberforce Fields.