Ultra-Feminist group FemNation have teamed up with transgender and genderqueer organisation GENDx to launch a scathing attack on the pop music industry and it’s use of gender specific language.

In an open released today the two organisations laid out plans to rewrite popular songs to include people of all and mixed genders. The letter reads:

Dear Sir/Madam/Other/NA,

As the UK’s most vocal women’s liberty and gender inclusive groups we can no longer stand by and let the youth of today listen to music that excludes so many. Songs that refer to specific genders, or show the so called “male” gender to have any kind of superiority will no longer be tolerated. Songs such as “Girls and Boys” by Blur conveniently ignore the billions of people across the world who do not identify with either gender. We demand that the lyrics of this song, and others like it, to be changed to something more gender neutral and include ALL peoples.

Yours Angrily,

FemNation and GENDx

The proposed new lyrics to the songs Chorus are:

People who are people
Who like people to be people
Who do people like they’re people
Who do people like they’re people.
Always should be someone you really love

Blurs lead singer/songwriter did not seem against the idea saying “Meh, why not, I’ve probably sung that song about a thousand times, why not mix it up a bit.

Other proposed changed include:

‘Blank, I feel like a Blank’ by Shania Twain

‘Human in Red’ by Chris De Burgh


‘I’ll make love to you’ by Peoplez II People