The pinko super-lefty BBC have announced today on Twitter that they will be replacing the entire east-end cast of popular misery-fest Eastenders with non-English speaking migrants to show “a modern Britain”.

Following the shock announcement that Eastenders are to build a giant Mega Mosque to loom over their iconic Albert Square set, viewers have hit back at the BBC saying they are taking political correctness too far.

The BBC told BFNN this:

“Well, you know, we thought a big bloody mosque is okay so the next logical step is to replace every single cast member and production staffer with a non-English speaking migrant. That’s exactly the type of people we are at the BBC.”

“I guarantee someone will see the sensationalist headline link to the article you’re going to publish and share it without bothering to read it, so they won’t actually know it makes this very self-aware reference decrying the idiocy of the right-wing on social networks.”

From next week Eastenders will be replacing everyone who acts, works on, or near the show are to by non-English speaking migrants for the foreseeable future.

Subtitle companies are thrilled by the move as the industry is set to skyrocket.