Following on from Team GB’s heroic leap frog of China in the Olympics Medal table, some key brexiters have been quick to suggest athletes allow their Chinese superiors to take back second place.

“It’s vital that we maintain good relations with China as we seek to build a good relationship and we won’t do that if we continue to bloody thump them,” warned foreign secretary Boris Johnson, “however, the whiff whaff boys have done an excellent job in losing to the Orientals, the rest of the Team GB should follow suit!”

Golds from Andy Murray, Max Whitlock and Jason Kenny were among the highlights as Team GB secured a narrow lead over the Olympic powerhouse.

However, not all in the camp formerly known as Brexit of the same opinion. The now moustached Nigel Farage looked upon the medals table with glee, “We’re miles ahead of the rest of Europe, yes miles, not kilometres, but good British miles,” Farage laughed, “and to think Mr Juncker wanted to make one giant EU team!”

It’s yet to be seen how Team GB will react.