Patriotic facebookers Britain First today declared that in the light of recent events they irrefutably deny all links to Jayda Fransen.

“She’s just one mentally ill extremist” said leader Paul Goldfish “and doesn’t represent the rest of our demographic at all”

Filmed in the Clacton-on-sea static caravan that the group call ‘head office’ Goldfish addressed his facebook followers, insisting that all newspaper stories linking Britain First to Jayda Fransen were “media lies” and not to be trusted.

“The papers lied about phone hacking” said Paul, in his trademark bin bag anorak and branded flatcap “and they lied about Hillsborough. Now the media is lying about Jayda being part of our organisation. We are a legitimate, democratic political party – the actions of one mentally unstable individual are nothing to do with us, even if she does commit terrible acts in our name”

The right-wing group are usually known for invading mosques, challenging techniques used in halal slaughterhouses and for eating too many sausage rolls. Leader Paul Goldfish recently came last (behind Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith) in the London heat of Britains Got Talent, despite his Jim Davidson/Enoch Powell impressions being very popular on social media. Their next project is rumoured to involve campaigning for Islamic headscarves to be forcibly replaced with Euro ’96 scarves, in veneration of national hero Stuart Pearce.