Pound shop patriots Britain First have won the Brit awards for being the most British Brits who have Britted about in the last year. 

Unfortunately, neither Paul or Jayda were there to accept the awards on behalf of Britain First, but Barry Ludlow from Middlesborough was happy to take the awards on their behalf.

He thanked his fellow 860 real members and also the 1.1 million fake Facebook accounts that have helped Britain First get to where they are today.

Announcing the award for ‘Best British group’, British boxing legend David Haye gave out the trophy, and said that ‘No one else in the entire country has helped Britain remember what being British is about more than Britain First. Without their tireless posting of memes shared by our loving granddads, and without their dog whistle videos hastily uploaded to youtube, we wouldn’t be where we are today.’

Adele supposedly made the remark ‘Who the fuck are they?’ when asked to comment on the fact they took home 11 more awards than the star.