With the ballot for leader of the Conservative party having taken place, it is now a 2 horse race between Thersea May and Andrea Leadsom, meaning for the first time ever the Prime Minister will be an actual human female.

Thersea May is a well known name within British Politics having spent the last 6 years as Home Secretory. She will very much be considered the front runner after winning 199 votes in the pervious ballot compared to Leadsom’s 89 and Micheal Gove’s 46 taking him out of the race. She also has a vagina and internal reproductive organs.

Andrea Leadsom is relatively unheard-of, though does have the backing of some top Tories such as The Dark Lord, Iain Duncan Smith. In order to win the leadership, and thus become Prime Minister, she has until the 9th of September to make a big enough name of herself to win over party voters. Similarly to May, she also has a vagina and internal reproductive organs.

The previous list of British Prime Ministers is something of a sausage-fest so it will be refreshing to see a more diverse choice in the near future.

BFNN would like to point out that between 1979 and 1990 the UK did have a female Prime Minister, though it is of course to be noted that lizard queens can in no way be classed as ‘human’.