Images and video footage has emerged this week, which appear to show British Special Forces operating in Syria, fighting other British soldiers.

The pictures show what appear to be militaries dressed in British uniform firing at each other from opposite sides of Al-Tanf, the border crossing between Syria and Iraq.

According to BBC correspondent Martin Smith, he described the scene as being extremely chaotic in which young men seemed puzzled by the task in hand and were haphazardly firing gunshots at each other.

When questioned by the BBC, Sir Stuart Peach, Air Chief Marshall and head of the armed forces commented, “By using the Pantone colour chart, our soldiers are able to determine if someone is a rebel or not. Anyone with a slight tan is a target and if you’re darker than a ‘Cheshire Blue’ you’re probably a terrorist.”

Released footage shows one fighter in particular wearing a string vest and wandering aimlessly around in circles. Drinking from what looks like a bottle of White Lightening, the soldier seems to be trying to operate a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) by yelling profanities at it.

A second soldier can be heard urging others to shoot anything that isn’t ‘White Smoke’ or below.

In a bid to convince the country that the war in Syria is entirely necessary, Downing Street released a statement today that states that whilst the BBC coverage has not yet been independently verified, the majority of the population of both Syria and Iraq are extremists and neither country was invaded for profitable gain to the UK.

The Sun will reiterate Downing Streets commentaries on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper, just so that the British public is doubly convinced.