Her Majesty The Queen has bowed to public pressure and agreed to fund essential repairs to Buckingham Palace by renting out one hundred and two spare rooms on Air BNB.

The announcement came hot on the heels of a petition on 38 Degrees, signed by 118 thousand treasonous slackers and inserted into Prince Edward as he left a Soho nightclub early in November.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson told the press: “Her Majesty the Queen has agreed that due to the current austerity fad, she will be mucking in by opening up her home to select members of the public.”

The rooms vary in price, the most expensive being £2.2 million per night for a room with an en-suite bathroom and a view over the Queen’s private menagerie, to a mere £1.4 million pounds per night for a dorm room, sharing with various nocturnal, flat-footed, thumbless royal mystery relatives.

Unfortunately for peasants and garish orange Americans, the rooms have now been fully booked for the next five years by members of the Tory party and Chukka Umunna, the cost of which will of course be covered in expenses by the taxpayer.

Not everyone is happy with the Queen’s generous offer, however. Bumbling kill-joy Jeremy Corbyn savagely grilled Theresa May on Prime Minister’s Questions last night, demanding to know whether she considers the expense of housing so many of her government in the Palace to be an appropriate use of taxpayer’s hard-earned money, to which she replied: “Eh,you know what? Fuck’em.”