For several years now the power of North Korea has hung over the western world; developing new weapons, making threats, and generally being quite rude.

This affront to international etiquette has been a thorn in the side of many developed countries, with British Prime Ministers being ‘thoroughly disapproving’ of the behavior of North Korea. For a while now however, experts have been debating on why exactly North Korea is acting out, is it for attention?

The findings conclude that actually, North Korea had an unhappy upbringing. It seems that Mummy Korea didn’t hug her baby enough, and little North  felt completely unloved.

North Korea’s neighbors don’t help either, Russia is a mean drunk, incapable of anything close to democracy or love, whilst South Korea doesn’t love the North back.

Reports detail that North Korea is jealous of all the love the other countries have for each other. Especially the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK.

“It just wants a special relationship with another country.” One source said. “At the moment North Korea feels left out, alone in a planet full of countries.”

These findings could help explain the country’s violent and abusive behavior towards it’s little brother, South Korea. “Everyone loves South Korea.” Our source told us. “K Pop, relative freedom, it’s all just jealousy.”

Western countries have been working hard to try and fix North Korea’s problems, with suggestions including group counselling, hugs from other countries and a visit to a pet shop to perhaps buy the country a small dog or a fish.