In what’s been dubbed the biggest ‘sporting’ scandal of an iPhone generation, the Internet’s foremost professional list makers have been forced to admit that no one has won the internet.

Since 2006, Buzzfeed have frequently posted articles explaining how various celebrities, countries and institutions have won the internet. From Brazil to Obama, JK Rowling to cats, many have been declared champions.

However, a recent investigation from the International Court of Justice has found that Buzzfeed had no right to judge and rank entities on the internet. In his report, President Ronny Abraham had this to say “Competitions need to have rules enforced by respectable people, no sport, for example, is run by people with such bias and lust for financial gain.”

Buzzfeed attempted to appeal the ruling by suggesting President Abraham had ‘lost the internet’ but their plea fell on deaf ears.

We asked the International Olympic Committee if there’s any possibility of an official governing body being formed to which they replied “Definitely, we’ve done it for prancing around on horses and sliding along ice on a baking tray, I’m sure we can manage.”