It is believed that Coldplay singer Chris Martin has been arrested, following a bizarre incident in which he tossed handfuls of spicy red pepper hummus into the face of Bring Me The Horizon’s singer Oli Sykes.

Earlier this week emo-girl sex-object Mr Sykes “trashed” a table of Coldplays during a performance by his band at the NME awards, Brixton Academy on Wednesday night, in what may go down as the “most mildly disruptive act of rockstardom, ever”.

Mr Martin was entirely overwhelmed by having his table slightly tampered with that he sought to rectify it in the only way he knew how: lobbing a load of mushed chickpeas into the face of the shouty frontman.

Chris Martin and Oli Sykes engaged in a slanging match in which Mr Sykes referred to Chris Martin as a “proper virgin”, to which Chris Martin said: “How can I be a virgin if I’ve shagged your mum?”

The dispute continues.