People excited after finally the annual, festive spectacle of the Christmas Coca-Cola truck wending its merry way through the yuletide advertising schedules are set to be disappointed after it was discovered burned and left abandoned in the streets of Liverpool earlier this week.

The discovery was made on Sunday night by highway assistance servicemen – the kind that failed the AA interviews.  Upon checking the vehicle over they found the wheels had been lifted, the windscreen cracked several times by the hooves of one of the locals and the truck burned from the inside out.

“Usually you get excited to see the Coca-Cola truck around this time of year cos it shows you that Xmas is coming but this just depressing”, said attendant Steve Bowers. “Clearly some of the locals had been at it in a very horrible way”.

The truck had not long started on its journey around the country before it met its doom on Merseyside.  It began in London’s west end before encountering some trouble outside Wolverhampton.

Leaving Birmingham one wing mirror lighter, the truck travelled to Crewe and through to Manchester before doubling back to Blackpool where it was hi-jacked by a hen party.

However, in Liverpool it was left disused and broken at 2:30am and it may just halt the iconic Xmas vehicle’s jaunt around the UK. No word has reached yet from the North Pole as to how they’re taking the news.