Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has today revealed an amazing new coup which has led to him shedding 11 MPs in less than 24 hours.

After the sacking of popular childhood character, Mr Benn, Corbyn lost an astonishing amount of Shadow Cabinet peers in just a matter of hours, which has gained an incredible amount of attention among fatties hoping to lose some poundage. An insider told us:

“Before yesterday’s events, Jeremy cut a very wobbly figure indeed. So wobbly in fact, he was given a vote of ‘no confidence’ at slimming club. Now the coup has cut out the dreck and the dross in his party, he looks a lot leaner and striking. Albeit still quite wobbly”.

 A coup inspired by the recent Britain exit from the EU has meant a string of MPs leaving the Shadow Cabinet, including Lord Falconer, who we presume is some kind of king of the bird people and Ian Murray, a Scottish man.

Coups are already being pushed as the new ‘in thing’ for beleaguered parties who need a bit of streamlining. The Conservative Party are apparently incredibly interested after hearing they might finally be able to shift Eric Pickles from the chair he’s been stuck in for the past 6 years.