A court ruling today overturned the UK ban on burkas and veils in gentleman clubs – sparking fears of a resurgence in Muslim strippers.

Since its establishment in 1989, Spearmint Rhino founder John Gray has maintained a stubborn stance on allowing veiled performers, despite followers of Islam insisting it to be culturally mandatory.

However, the High Court has ruled a historical precedent as they proclaim Spearmint’s strict ‘No Females in Veils’ policy to be “outdated, exclusive and discriminatory”.

“Today marks an historic day for strip bars everywhere as now women of all cultures and backgrounds can shame their parents and get their tits out while gyrating on geriatrics’ laps”, said Judge Rinder, Manchester.

The judgment allows Muslim strippers to bare all onstage but still maintain their dignity and devotion to religious protocol.

It means the performers may hide their faces in accordance with the strict rules of Islam and still be treated alongside all other ethnicities and religions.

The decision is likely to outrage The Sun readers everywhere who have fiercely upheld the shitrag’s ban on Page 3 burkas since Year Dot.

“It’s a fucking disgrace”, avid bigot Darren told us. “Who wants to be sitting there looking at some muslamic bird’s tits? And if they do then why should they be able to wear one of them scarf things? You don’t see Sharon from Newcastle on Babestation Milfs getting ’em out with a hat on”.

Whether this decision will now start a trend to inspire other female Muslims to force through burkas in workplaces waits to be seen