Craig David, RnB singer, Garage MC and man with a career resurrection story better than Jesus has come out in support of Jeremy Hunt’s plans for a 7 day NHS.

The health secretary’s plans are to have all NHS services available 7 days in an effort to reduce ‘weekend deaths’. Despite the cause of ‘weekend deaths’ being highly contentious, with little to no evidence showing that a 7 day NHS would reduce the figure, plans will still go ahead. The 7 day NHS has been widely criticised by doctors and medical staff as it would put extra pressure on an already over worked staff force.

With support for Mr Hunt running thin, Jeremy has found and unlikely alley in Craig David who fully supports his idea, and even reworked the lyrics of his naughties’ hit.

I met this nurse on Monday
All doctors on strike by Tuesday
I was in surgery by Wednesday
recovering Thursday & Friday & Saturday I was dead by Sunday

However not all singers support the plans, activist and Boomtown Rats frontman Bob Geldof wants a 6-Day NHS claiming “I don’t like Mondays”. The plans have also been rejected bay pop bands The Saturdays and The Weeknd.