In an interview today Prime Minister and Peppa Pig enthusiast David Cameron took time out of busy schedule to congratulate the unlikely Midland city on their historic Premier League title victory. Unfortunately for the Moon-faced conservative he congratulated the wrong team.

In a radio interview for London’s LPR about the EU referendum Mr Cameron made the shocking gaffe.

“Look, staying in Europe is great for our county. Football fans love the fact we have free movement within Europe so that the very best European players can play in England. On a side note I would personally like to congratulate Coventry City on their historic and record breaking season winning the Premier League.”

When host Ian Finch corrected the Prime Minister saying “I think you mean Leicester Mr Cameron” the PM brushed off the mistake commenting

“Yes, yes, you know one of those poor places in the North.”

This is not the first time Hameron has made a footballing error as in April 2015 he forgot which football team he himself supports. He had always maintained that he supported Aston Villa, though in a speech he mistakenly said “Though, I’d rather you supported West Ham”. Seems all it takes to confuse our countries leader is for two teams to wear the same colour shirt. West Ham and Aston Villa, Leicester and Coventry, NHS and Privatised Healthcare, it’s all the same to you, isn’t it Dave.