In a month that has already seen the loss of two comedic greats, chuckle-seekers will be heartened to know that the recently deceased Victoria Wood is, and always will be insurmountably funnier than Miranda Hart.

Victoria Wood sadly passed away on Wednesday after a short battle with cancer. The comedian, best known winning Great Comic Relief Bake Off in 2015, leaves behind life-long partner Julie Walters and other lesser-known relations. After rising to fame in 1974, Walters starred in various hugely successful sketch shows, tours and musicals for over 40 years, establishing herself as one of Britain’s most cherished female comedians.

Many former colleagues and fans have expressed their dismay at the loss of a true great, but have also raised concerns that people will now look to gormless buffoon Miranda Hart to pick up the reigns in Wood’s absence.

Gary Linker tweeted: ‘RIP Victoria Wood, don’t leave us with Miranda!’

Ricky Gervais tweeted: ‘I’d rather watch Victoria Wood shit that Miranda Hart attempt humour #Animallivesmatter’

On a more positive note, comedy channels Dave and E4 have reassured watchers that they will be showing reruns of all Victoria Woods best-loved programs, and will under no-circumstances be playing anything featuring Miranda Hart.