Digital Services

Our state-of-the-art system for digital technology keeps BFNN on the A list for digital newspaper production.

We have an application that allows our clients and patrons to access their favorite newspapers, magazines, or other printed publications through a web browser. The digitized publications also allow us and the rest of the digital publication companies to set up paid subscriptions, better reporting, as well as adding URLs for corresponding pages and videos online.

Digitized publications provide a better reading platform for everyone. While the internet is now a staple technology in the world, this offers everyone a chance to read their favorite magazines or newspapers but in a paperless manner. With the added BFNN touch, we designed our reading application to have the page flip animation. This should add a good flair to your reading experience. While this is all done on your web browser, no additional application installation is required.

We offer the following digital services:

  • E-edition hosting services for your PC, ISO, and Mac apps
  • Online stitching
  • Printed magazine digitization
  • Insertion of online magazines and leaflets

For other inquiries, you can send us an email at or send us a message on our social media pages. You can send us a quick inquiry below.