A Wigan man named “Dodgy Dave” (real name David Jason Higson) has threatened to sue Labour MP Dennis Skinner for using his name in an insult aimed at the Prime Minister yesterday.

“Dodgy Dave”, age 43, graduated with a 1st class honours degree from the University of Life and is currently off work on disability for “you know, this weird thing with me foot”. ‘Dodgy Dave’ supplements his income by selling knock-off DVDs out of a black bin bag to patrons of his local pub. As he told BFNN:

“Oh you name it I can get it; Deadpool, Superman vs Batman, that porno with Kim Kardashian in it, Zootoroplis, anything.”

“Dodgy Dave” was angered by Dennis Skinner’s comments in the House Of Commons yesterday.

“I was in the bookies when someone changed the channel to the news, and there it was Dennis Skinner using MY name to describe David Cameron. I may be a lot of things, petty criminal, ankle tag wearer, on the sex offenders register, banned from visiting The Netherlands, and legally married to a cactus, but I am not having my name being dragged through the mud by being associated by the pig fancying, moon face, posho. If Dennis Skinner thinks he can go around using my name to describe that **** then he better be ready to pay!”