In a move that has shocked absolutely no one, Donald Trump has announced his pick for Vice President as ‘The one and only Donald Trump’.

He announced his choice at a rally of thousands of supporters, all wearing their ‘Make America Great Again’ hats and fending off being attacked by people who accuse Trump of inciting violence.

‘We’ve got some really great people. The best people, all our people are great. But you all know there is only one person I want to share the ticket with: Donald Trump. I’m going to make this country great again, and that starts by making sure that I pick the only qualified candidate as Vice President, and that’s me’.

Critics have responded by questioning what will happen if Donald Trump is elected and dies in office, as he would not be able to replace himself as President. The Trump campaign responded with a press release:

‘Donald Trump cannot die, as evidenced by the fact he is still alive. We don’t have to worry about Donald Trump dying in office. The immortal cannot die.’