Donald Trump has put his foot down and has started campaigning for America to leave the EU. Trump described his decision as a “patriotic step forward towards real independence”, and states that this is the most effective way of keeping Muslims out, “for good.”

While many ‘in’ supporters believe that America would be stronger in the EU for the sake of allies, republican Trump informs the public that with mass nuclear weapons, allies are no longer relevant. He said: “Who needs allies when we have a fantastic nuclear arms contract with Iran on our hands?”

On the topic of migrants Trump remains as patriotic as he always has done, explaining how tougher hurdles to jump for migrants means “safer, whiter streets” for American citizens. In recent press he slammed David Cameron for suggesting a reform deal, claiming Cameron was a typical “do-gooder lefty”.

Hillary Clinton is yet to give an opinion on the referendum, whereas Ted Cruz was in full support of Trump’s choice, and agrees that gun crime will reduce once America is out of the EU for good this time, believing that America should never have joined in the first place and immigration is to blame for this. Trump reassures his loyal supporters by telling them that there is in fact, no ‘EU’, in USA.

— Tabitha Baker