Presidential candidate and prize buffoon, Donald Trump, has challenged bothersome-brainiac Professor Stephen Hawking to a winner-takes-all physical showdown.

Early this year, Professor Stephen Hawking angered straw-haired tycoon Donald Trump by labeling him a “demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator”. While Trump and his supporters were unable to understand the meaning of the comments, many felt angered that the fascist shitgobbler had been left red-faced and outwitted by a man who more closely resembles the robot ‘Matilda’ from Robot Wars.

In a surprising move, Trump has directly-challenged the highly accomplished physics Professor to a one-time arm-wrestle; to determine who really boasts the greater intelligence. Speaking on Fox News, Trump claimed that ‘‘if wheelie-boy really is so God-dam smart he should easily be able to beat me in an arm wrestle. Everyone knows arm wrestling is more about tactics and mental stamina and very-little to do with physical strength.’’ When questioned about the ethics of engaging in physicality with someone who battles with a severe physical disability, Trump insisted that he ‘‘also has to battle with many severe physical challenges every day, such as backache and the occasional indigestion’’.

While Hawking is yet to directly respond to the challenge, the Presidential forerunner is already raising the stakes by threatening to ban all wheelchairs and walking aids should the Professor lose, as ‘‘disability is all in the mind’’,Trump claims.