Donald Trump’s popularity has skyrocketed this week after he announced that when he becomes President of America he will implement plans for an annual Orange History Month.

Speaking at a rally in Shytkik Arizona, he told the crowds, “Black History Month is a thing, it’s not… it’s a bad thing. Nobody thinks that blacks shouldn’t be able to openly enjoy afros and pimping and Voodoo dancing, but what about the Orange Man’s “shizzle”. Where’s our recognition? My son shot four baby elephants, a black rhino and a Mexican last week, but nobody congratulated him on that! It’s definitely a double standard. And what have they got to celebrate? Name one black person who has achieved anything who isn’t Morgan Freeman. You can’t.

I have a dream that my five feeble-chinned, flat footed children will eternally live in a nation where they will be judged not by the content of their character but by the colour of their skin. I have a dream today!”

Asked if Orange History Month will celebrate any other races, Trump magnanimously allowed that, “Rednecks will also be included. Not to be confused with those land-hogging, pipeline denying Redskins. Those guys are losers. This is to celebrate winnerism.”

Critics have slammed Trump’s proposition, branding it, “Ignorant, offensive and racist,” but Trump defended his plans, countering that, “These bozos want equality but when they get it they scream that it’s unfair. This is fair. It’s right. they need to make their minds up. And I take offense that I am being accused of racism. I’m not. I have grabbed all colours of pussy. Would a racist do that? No, so I’ve won that argument. Celebrate me.”