Yesterday Britain was saddened to hear the news of the shooting and murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

The shooting took place in Birstall, West Yorkshire and was carried out by a 52 year old white male by the name of Thomas ‘Tommy’ Mair. Eye witnesses claim to have heard the attacker shout “Britain First” as he carried out the attack. It is very likely this is a direct reference to the far-right group, and on-line hate merchants of the same name.

However, the “political party” Britain First has been quick to distance themselves from the attack and are swift to point out that Mair does not represent their views. A spokes person for Britain First told BFNN:

“A very very small minority of Britain First are violent, but they do not represent our us or views. You can’t judge all of us by the actions of one violent extremist. Just because one lunatic kills someone, doesn’t mean you can paint us all with the same brush. Besides, she was white, why would we want to hurt her?”

When asked if Britain First had ever heard of ‘Irony’ their spokes person replied:

“Sorry, I don’t listen to hip-hip”

Jo Cox lives on through her husband Brendan and their two children. All the writers at BFNN would like to pass on heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Jo at this saddest of times. (No satire here, just real-talk)