Rapper and brain surgeon Dr Dre has today been struck off the NHS payroll in the latest round of savage Tory cuts. Dre (real name Alan Dreidel) turned to medicine after several of his homies suffered whiplash from riding in one of his bouncing Cadillacs in 2002, he has since marketed neck supports ‘Beats By Dre’ which are very popular with the spinally disabled.
“It’s like they forgot about Dre,” said the head nurse of Compton Hospital, Berkshire. “His work on chronic conditions has been invaluable to modern medicine, I can’t believe that punk ass bitch Jeremy Hunt has done this”
This is the latest casualty in the long running feud between the NHS and NWA, with Ice Cube leaving his job in the cryogenics department and DJ Yella losing funding for his research into the effects of jaundice.
News of Dre being laid off will not sit well with the public, and will only draw sympathy with Junior Doctors Lil Wayne, Lil Kim and Lil Bow Wow who are still on strike over changes to their contracts.