Good morning Campers! Ed Miliband has today announced that he has finally been accepted for Assistant Head of Entertainments at the Bognor Regis branch of Butlins.

Already well known for his funny rubbery face and infamous ‘bacon sandwich’ routine Miliband has had to brush up on his one-liners and balloon modelling skills to secure the post in time for the summer season.

He refused to comment on rumours that he will be sharing a Butlins chalet with other former front benchers Liz Kendall (catering) and Chuka Umunna (sanitation).

Mr Miliband revealed this in a statement from his Islington home: “Am I entertaining enough? Hell yeah, I’m entertaining enough.”

Butlins are now trying to recruit Ed’s estranged brother David to complete the set, hoping to get the siblings to replace waning Butlins favourites The Chuckle Brothers.