The proportion of A*-C grades has dropped by an unprecedented amount this year with a sharp decline in the number of students gaining a C or above in English.

The fall in student achievements has been put down to pupils having to use traditional pen and paper to complete their exams instead of smartphones and tablets.

Mark Dawe, former head of the OCR exam board and chief executive of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers, chimed in on the debate criticising this years GCSE performance.

“The banning of smartphones and autocorrect has really hindered the performance of many students. They are so used to having a spellchecker at their fingertips that when it comes to writing, many pupils cannot even spell simple words, let alone string a cohesive sentence together.

“To say that technology has made the younger generation more stupid would be an understatement.”

Youngsters have since taken to social media to express disappointment in their grades.

“In real life u just Google stuff.” said one Twitter user. Another scoffed that after failing all GCSE exams they would have to spend their days watching Jeremy Kyle and start claiming jobseekers allowance.