With the EU referendum just a few days away the government has decided to take the unusual step of changing how the decision will be made.

Instead of a traditional ballot the referendum will fall solely in the hands of social media. Nathan Blake of the UK’s leading polling agency InterPoll explained how the new system will work:

Rather than have everyone take time out of their day to go and vote our new algorithm can track social media posts on the most popular sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and even the unpopular ones like Google+. We read every post relating to the referendum, decide if the post is supporting IN or OUT and count them up for a winner. We did a sample test run on Grindr, seems as though the vast majority are ‘out’ though a fair few described themselves as ‘not out yet’.”

The system has been met with much criticism as those posting on social media are not always the most mentally stable.

Clive Penkworth, a 47 year old taxi driver posted:

Tracey Proudmummyofkelsey Wilson from Preston wrote:
We need to close the borders, all these Romanians want to do is come over here and claim benefits. I see loads of them when I go and sign on.”

However the anger and confusion is not reserved just for the OUT camp, team IN are getting in on it too.

Daz Green, 19 from Brentwood wrote on his facebook page:
Aw mate, we got to stay in Europe, just got back from Magaluf with the lads, I ain’t having no government telling us we can’t have it large in Greece.

Being the unbiased credible news outlet it is BFNN is remaining impartial, vote however you want, we don’t care. (So long as it’s IN)