Well-renowned alien and fast bloke, Sir Mo Farah, has been told by Britain First dunces, in no uncertain terms, to “fuck off back to Mars”. 

President Trump, professional Twitter user and suspected political enzyme, highlighted Farah’s extra-terrestrial origins earlier this week, forbidding him from re-entering the country to visit his United States-based family, as he further plots to build a wall around America’s airspace.

Farah expressed his disbelief at being branded a Martian as he fought to re-claim his Earth citizenship.

“I was born here on Earth and so were all of my family going back generation after generation. The president has made it very difficult for me to live a normal life and has even doubted my ability to live off oxygen”.

Looking on the light side, however, Sir Mo quipped “Atleast i’ll be a frontrunner if there’s ever a remake of E.T”